Board of Directors

Aleksandar Aleksandrov

President of FEBA Alumni Club

Assoc. Prof. Deyan Radev

 Vice President of FEBA Alumni Club

I have the pleasure of being an alumnus of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA) at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski through the completion of the Master's degree programme in Business Analytics during the period between 2019 and 2020. Thanks to this academic programme and the good business partnerships with local employers that FEBA maintains, I was able to meet my current employer, Adatis BG Ltd. Working at Adatis, I have the opportunity to apply and further develop my academic knowledge of Python, SQL and Power BI. In April 2023, I had the pleasure to be chosen as the Chairperson of FEBA Alumni Club for a two-year mandate, which is an extremely enriching and fulfilling experience for me.



Deyan Radev, PhD is an Associate Professor of Fintech and Banking at FEBA since September 2022. Deyan Radev, PhD gained his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Sofia University in 2006 and his Master’s degree in International Business Economic Relations from the University of Konstanz, Germany in 2008. In 2013, Dr. Radev defended his dissertation on systemic risk with Summa Cum Laude at Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. He received Germany's best PhD dissertation prize in capital markets in 2014 for his work on systemic risk assessment. His systemic risk indicators are in daily operational use at the European Central Bank.


Managing Board

Board Member – Lilyana Georgieva

Board Member –  Assoc. Prof. Marina Stefanova

Board Member –  Assoc. Prof. Nikolai Netov

Advisory board

Atanas Georgiev, PhD – (President 2008) 

Bilyana Valkova – (Board Member 2008-2014)

Bozhidar Nedev, PhD (Vice President 2021-2023)

Boryana Bogdanova, Phd – (Board Member 2008-2014)

Vasil Atanasov – (Board Member 2010-2014)

Volen Vashev – (Board Member 2016-2021)

Dimitar Dimitrov – (Board Member 2010-2021)

Dobromir Dobrev – (Board Member 2010-2012)

Elena Marinova – (Board Member 2010-2023)

Eleonora Stancheva, PhD – (Board Member 2004-2008)

Tsvetan Lajanski – (Board Member 2004-2008, Vice President 2008, President 2008-2013, Honorary Chairman 2013-2021 )

Zornitsa Stefanova-Ivanova – (Board Memeber 2010-2014) 

Ivailo Botev – (Board Member 2008, 2010-2012)

Ivailo Simov – (Board Memeber 2008-2014)

Iliya Dechkov – (Board Member 2021-2023)

Iordan Nedev – (Board Member 2014-2021)

Korneliya Ivanova – (Board Member 2008)

Lyubomir Lozanov – (Board Member 2008-2010, 2021-2023)

Mariya Ivanova  – (Board Member 2010-2012)

Martin Paev – (Board Member 2008-2012)

Milka Semova-Gamanova, PhD – (Chief Executive 2008-2016)

Ivelina Vasileva – Board Member (2021-2023)

Nataliya Dimova – (Board Memeber 2004-2008

Nikolay Netov, PhD – (Board Member 2013-2021 and presently )

Ralitsa Simeonova-Ganeva, PhD (President 2004-2008, Board Member 2012-2016, Vice President 2016-2021)

Sevdalina Vasileva – (Board Member 2012-2013, President)

Stanimir Dimitrov – (Board Member 2004-2008)

Stoyan Dosev – (Board Member 2013-2014)

Son Hyok Chang – (Board Member 2021-2023

Teodor Syarov – (Board Member 2021-2023)

Todor Yalumov, PhD – (Board Member 2021-2023)

Prof. Tsvetan Davidkov – (Board Member 2004-2008)